Member Testimonials

“Meeting building service contractors from all over the world provides a unique view of the cleaning industry as well as a great long term marketing opportunity.”
Ian Greig
Daniels Associates, Inc.

“The WFBSC offers unlimited opportunity to interact with other contractors and Associate members on a global basis. The professional rewards and personal friendships that have resulted from our membership in the WFBSC, for me and others in our company, have been truly unique and very important to us.”
Daniel J. Bishop
The Maids International

“As a global supplier to building service contractors, we feel that our Associate membership in WFBSC provides us with unique insights into the cultural similarities and differences that exist in this industry around the world. On a personal level we enjoy meeting with good friends.”
Rob Kohlhagen

“WFBSC membership offers many advantages and opportunities:

  • Meeting industry members from around the world.

  • The exchange of ideas and business philosophies on a global basis

  • Identification of industry trends and developments worldwide

  • Gaining an understanding of each member nation’s market trends and developments as well as special projects that are taking place.”

Robert A. King
Building Service Contractors of New Zealand, Inc.