Membership Categories and Fees

Association Members

…are those associations that represent the building service contracting industry in their respective country. This membership is restricted to one from each country.
Annual dues are based on the annual budget of the association:

Annual Budget of under $500,000 USD $2,000.00 USD
Annual Budget of over $500,000 USD $5,000.00 USD

Contractor Members

…are those companies that provide services in and surrounding buildings and residences on a contract basis. You provide janitorial cleaning, maintenance, grounds keeping and other services in buildings, plants, healthcare facilities, schools, residences or any other type of building on a contract or outsourced basis.

Contractor Member (annual revenue under $50,000,000 USD) $1,500.00 USD
Contractor Member (annual revenue between $50,000,000 - $100,000,000 USD) $3,000.00 USD
Contractor Member (annual revenue over $100,000,000 USD) $5,000.00 USD

Vendor Members

…are those companies or associations of companies engaged in the manufacturing, converting, or supplying of products or services needed in the building service contracting industry.

National Based $2,500.00 USD
International Based $5,000.00 USD

Associate Members

…are those associations of companies engaged in allied industries. Affiliate members may enjoy all the privileges and rights of membership in the Federation, and each affiliate member will be entitled to nominate one representative from their particular industry group to serve on the Board of Directors. Annual dues for each Affiliate Member are $2,500.00 USD per year.

Honorary Members

…include any person, firm, corporation or organization not otherwise eligible for membership in the Federation who has rendered distinctive service or assistance to the Federation and whom the Board of Directors determines merits special recognition by the Federation.

The World Federation of Building Service Contractors is committed to enhancing the professionalism of the building service contracting industry throughout the world. It welcomes and encourages the involvement, participation, and membership of individuals, groups, or organizations which are also dedicated to this concept and this industry. All are welcome to apply for membership.