2012 WFBSC Diversey Sustainability Competition: See here for more details

NEWS! WFBSC have released a new scoping document: WFBSC Cleaning for Health. This is a key priority for WFBSC in the coming years.

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Mission Statement

“The WFBSC is dedicated to achieving universal recognition for the building service contracting industry and to improving the awareness, knowledge and professional competence of its worldwide membership and should compliment regional and national aims.”

The World Federation of Building Service Contractors is a dynamic union of national and international associations as well as individual contracting companies, manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe.

The result of this union is an international forum in which contractors, manufacturers and suppliers to the industry can address and solve problems of common concern, exchange new ideas and techniques, and promote the building service contracting industry.

General Objectives

  • Promote global recognition of the size, scope, role and value of the professional building service contractor.
  • Increase the knowledge and improve the professional competence of its members by offering global educational forums.
  • Increase member awareness of industry similarities and differences worldwide.
  • Generate and maintain a professional and social relationship between its associate members (manufacturing companies) and other WFBSC members (contractors).
  • Utilize volunteer and professional staff resources efficiently in order to achieve the aims of the WFBSC and the expectations of member contractors and associates.

Andrew Large discusses the benefits of the WFBSC at the BSCAI Convention